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Tips for Relaxation

Relaxed breathing Practise deep breathing at a regular time and in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Loosen or remove any tight clothes you have on, such as shoes or jackets. Make yourself feel completely comfortable. Sitting in a comfy chair with head support or lying on the floor or a bed is …

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Good Time Management Techniques

Good time management is essential for coping with the pressures of modern life without experiencing too much stress. If you never have enough time to finish your tasks, better time management will help you regain control of your day. Good time management doesn”t mean you do more work. It means you focus on the tasks …

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Weirded Out by Working From Home? 7 Tips to Make It Easier

Some ideas for coping and dealing with unwanted change by Peg Streep. With the advent of the pandemic, many people are finding themselves in an unfamiliar and unsettling workspace—their homes. I’ve been working at home for over thirty-two years and I’m always surprised by people’s misconceptions. People often say things like “Wow, you can watch …

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Controlling Coronavirus Anxiety

How you can take charge of fear in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. The novel coronavirus has now made it to every continent except Antarctica. As it continues to spread, we are constantly inundated with updates on the virus and the latest death tolls. Understandably, this can be overwhelming. Here are some things you …

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The Counselling Process

Psychology in recent times has gained significantly in terms of acceptance with the general public compared with the perceptions held by them twenty or so years ago. While there may be some resistance in certain people who lack an understanding of the benefits involved, regular counselling has proved to be beneficial for a wide range …

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and your relationship

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder characterised by obsessive or repetitive behavioural and mental compulsions. To date, the causes of OCD are not fully understood. Research indicates there are a variety of psychological and biological factors that may be involved in causing obsessive compulsive syndromes but that these vary from person to …

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Communication – a fundamental ingredient in a successful relationship

It’s a well-known fact that communication is a key ingredient in a successful marriage. Without effective communication, a couple is unable to discuss important issues and resolve their disagreements. This can often lead to feelings of detachment, anger or resentment in the long term. Although I refer to communication in relationships these tips are equally …

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Top 10 Stress Bustering Tips

Be active If you have a stress-related problem, physical activity can get you in the right state of mind to be able to identify the causes of your stress and find a solution. Sometimes speaking to a counsellor can help with this process. To deal with stress effectively, you need to feel robust and you …

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Financial Stressors at Xmas Time

People can become anxious and disheartened with the financial pressures of this time of the year. Making suggestions such as conducting a Secret Santa where everyone buys just the one gift, or making your own gifts, or being prepared and lay buying gifts in order to spread the cost over several weeks are good ways …

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Anxiety and Depression bought about by the Holiday Season

For every picture perfect family group getting together and celebrating the festive season enjoying each other’s company there is sure to be another group living the old saying “You can pick your friends, but not your relatives”. The people in the latter group would much rather be out celebrating with friends but find themselves forced …

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How We Can Help

We offer a comfortable, therapeutic experience so you feel safe and secure when reaching out for help.


Anxiety and panic attacks can be very debilitating. There are a number of types of anxiety disorders and our trained psychologists can help in overcoming them.

Work Stress

Workplace situations can add to an individual’s personal stress levels. We can offer interventions and methodologies to assist in dealing with these stressors.


Successful healthy relationships take work and can be difficult to succeed with. Our counsellors can offer guidance and assistance in helping you and your partner get there.


A very common problem which ranges from mild depression to clinical depression of which there are a number of types. Along with counselling – relaxation, positive thinking, diet and exercise can also help.

Self Esteem

Problems with how satisfied we are of ourselves can be changed. Individuals can do this but sometimes the help of a professional is needed, especially if low self worth is the result of other problems such as depression or anxiety.


Our caring and highly qualified professionals in Brisbane are university trained, registered with the psychologists board and members of the Australian Psychological Society. They have extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in understanding people and their behaviour.

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